Intrinsically Safe Digital Thermometers for Hazardous Locations since 1983.
Designed and Made in the USA

ThermoProbe Technology

img_tanker_01Every new product for flammable environments is designed to meet the requirements of the latest international standards. Materials are chosen to dissipated electrostatic charge, circuits are low energy and  operation is maintained over a wide range of ambient temperatures while providing the accuracy and durability that the user requires

We also offer other thermometers with unique designs and features that are not found in other electronic thermometers. Also, ThermoProbe products use Platinum RTD technology to provide you with long-term stability, accuracy over a wide temperature range.

ThermoProbes are manufactured under a Quality Plan to ensure the final product complies to safety standards.  Here are some common points about the technology we use to provide a superior product:

  • PLATINUM RTD – Platinum RTDs are sensing elements that are made of pure platinum wire coil encapsulated in ceramic or glass (wire wound) or a thin film deposited on a ceramic substrate (thin film). Thin film elements offer performance equal to standard wire wounds, but with improved cost, size and convenience.
  • Our cables used in the TP line use a durable heat resistant jacket material that resists sticking and allows easy cleaning.
  • The cable has a layer of Aramid fiber to reduce failure due to cuts and crimps. This is the same material use for body armor
  • Ergonomic features are essential to our designs to make them light weight and comfortable to use.
  • Our user interface is made to  provide the simplest operation and our easy to use calibration software allows quick and easy adjustment by our distributors and qualified customers.