Intrinsically Safe Digital Thermometers for Hazardous Locations since 1983.
Designed and Made in the USA


Zone 0 Intrinsically Safe Portable Petroleum Gauging Thermometer re-designed to the latest standards for use in Hazardous Locations

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The TP9-A is a Zone 0 intrinsically safe digital gauging thermometer re-designed to the latest standards for use in hazardous locations. With over 30 years experience manufacturing digital thermometers, ThermoProbe has designed the TP9-A with reliable, high accuracy RTD sensors based on our previous industry-standard thermometers such as the TP7-C and TP9.

The latest TP9-A electronics are more accurate than previous models based on our laboratory thermometer technology. The convenient user interface provides a large 1/2” alpha numeric character display and buttons that can be easily used with gloves. An automatic backlight feature is included to help reading the display in low light conditions. An intuitive menu allows the user to easily select Celsius or Fahrenheit units, display resolution, and access calibration. Icons on the display help the user identify temperature stability, battery condition and menu items. The TP9-A comes equipped with easily replaceable AA batteries, providing up to 200 hours of operation.

The TP9-A rugged instrument body is constructed from stainless steel and static-dissipative plastic components. The TP9-A ergonomic probe storage and stainless construction is well suited for gauging heavy products that are hard to clean such as asphalt. With multiple probe configurations and allowable lengths up to 50 meters (165 ft), the TP9 is well suited to many tank gauging applications. The probe assembly is constructed of easy to clean materials such as non-stick cable and stainless steel.


The TP9-A is recognized with international (IECEx), European (ATEX), and EurAsian (TR TS) safety certificates.



Recommended Operation per API 7.2, International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals, API 4 and other recommended procedures and standards.

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Gasoline, Diesel, Asphalt, Molten Sulphur, Petrochemical, Viscous, Caustic, Acid, Chemical, Alkali, Molasses, Syrup, Distilled spirits, Aviation fuel


Maximum Dimensions

10”L x 4.25”H x 6.4” W


3.1 lb (1.4 kg) – with 75' standard weight probe assembly


Stainless Steel, Sealant, Aramid Fiber Reinforced, FEP or PFA Cable Jacket, Coaxial Construction

Enclosure Material

Stainless Steel Static-dissipative Plastic Probe Holder


2 AA Alkaline; Battery Life of approximately 200 hours Battery manufacturer’s battery operating temperature range -4 to 130°F, -20 to 54°C Note: Battery may not provide adequate power if ambient temperature is extremely low or high.


Resolution 0.01 Range: -40 to 400°F -40 to 204°C Calibrated Accuracy: ±0.2°F from 32 to 200°F ±0.5°F from 200 to 400°F ±0.1°C from 0 to 100°C ±0.3°C from 100 to 200°C 4 Point NIST Traceable Report of Test Long-term drift not to exceed 0.05%/year Meets API requirements


ATEX & IECEx (Ex ia IIB T4 Ga)


Probe Assemblies

Thermoprobe gauging thermometers come equipped with probe assemblies consisting of a length of non-stick 2-wire cable and a stainless steel weighted RTD temperature sensor. Indelible brass markings are applied to the cable to aid in tank depth determination. The Probe Assembly part numbers are specified as follows:

Probe Part Number

Example: Our most standard PG-075-SW-SM probe assembly is 75 feet long (075) with a Standard Weight (SW) and brass markings every 5 feet (SM). Various configurations are available.

Probe Weight Details and Dimensions

Probe Assembly Pricing

Standard Weight

0.25 lb (0.11 Kg)

This reliable design is our most popular probe.

Extra Weight
0.50 lb (0.23 Kg)

This design has the same diameter as the Standard Weight but is slightly longer and heavier.
Railcar Weight / No Weight

The Railcar probe is produced as a specialty probe for the railcar industry specifically for small diameter gauging tubes fitted in many tanker cars.

Asphalt Weight
0.75 lb (0.34 Kg)

The probe of choice when working with liquid asphalt, molten sulfur, molasses, or similar high-viscosity petrochemicals.