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Flowmeter & Pipeline

Pipeline_metersCustody Transfer in the oil and gas industry refers to the transactions involving transporting a product from one operator to another. The custody transfer may occur at a transfer from marine vessel to a tank, a tank to tank, tank to railcar or truck, pipeline to tank, etc. But if liquid or gas fluids are transferred via pipeline the transaction is usually measured with some type of flowmeter system. The flowmeter location is where the fluid is being measured for change of ownership and therefore the custody transfer accuracy is of great importance to both the party delivering the material and the recipient.

Due to the high level of accuracy required during custody transfer applications, the flowmeters used are made to conform to American Petroleum Institute (API) or American Gas Association (AGA) standards. Although there are many factors involved with the proper installation and calibration of flowmeters, temperature compensation is a key component of the flow volume measurement. However a flowmeter is calibrated, its associated temperature compensation method should be verified using a reference thermometer.

The reference thermometer of choice for many pipeline companies, pipeline operators and meter proving services is one of the TL models made by ThermoProbe. In addition to the pipeline custody transfers many state tax agencies use TL thermometers for calibrating fuel meters for propane, diesel and gasoline. This is done in order to protect the consumer and collect road taxes.

ThermoProbe TL instruments are currently used by many pipeline operations such as: Chevron, BP, Kinder-Morgan, TransMontaigne, Enbridge, etc….

All TL1 type thermometers are intrinsically safe† for flammable gasses and are certified to international standards.



† Intrinsic Safety is a protection concept employed in potentially explosive atmospheres.