Intrinsically Safe Digital Thermometers for Hazardous Locations since 1983.
Designed and Made in the USA

Company Overview

img_tanker_02At ThermoProbe, we design and manufacture precision portable digital thermometers for rugged field use, explosive environments, and specialty applications.

Typical applications for our petroleum instruments are related to the volume-temperature gauging of petroleum, chemical products and flowmeter calibration. These instruments are designed to intrinsic safety standards that are recognized  internationally and certified for use in North America, Europe,  Japan and Russia. Our other precision thermometers offer unique designs and features that are not found in other electronic thermometers.

We design and produce thermometers for these areas:

  • Liquid Temperature Gauging & Explosive Environments
  • Precision Laboratory & Field  Reference Thermometers for Calibration
  • The Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

ThermoProbe instruments have been developed to fill a need in the industry for a rugged and accurate thermometer for measuring the temperature of petroleum products.

If you wish to obtain more information please continue to review this site or call us at the numbers shown below. We have distribution and service locations all over the world to serve you.

Applications for ThermoProbe thermometers:

  • Petroleum Inventory Control
  • Custody Transfer of Bulk Liquid Commodities
  • Any Temperature Measurement Needed In An Explosive Environment
  • Meter Proving
  • Tank Farms, Barge, Ship, Railcar, Pipeline