Intrinsically Safe Digital Thermometers for Hazardous Locations since 1983.
Designed and Made in the USA

Our History

The first ThermoProbe digital thermometer for petrochemical gauging was conceived by Larry Shelton of Ergon Inc., circa 1979.

The need for the ThermoProbe was generated by the fact that glass thermometers were fragile and accurate readings were questionable for the application while the only electronic device for temperature gauging petroleum products was heavy and expensive. The design and construction of the first ThermoProbe instrument was conducted at Diversified Technology/Ergon Systems in Ridgeland, Mississippi. The first units were available to Ergon companies, Amerada Hess and other petroleum companies in 1980.

In May of 1983 Ergon Inc. purchased the inventory and took two employees from Diversified Technology to start a separate ThermoProbe Division.  ThermoProbe was incorporated in 1992 and sold to management in 1993. ThermoProbe outgrew the first two locations by 2009 and moved to a larger facility located at 112A Jetport Drive in Pearl, Mississippi.